#121 Put A Ring On It

Brian sits down with Crux Wrestling trainer Kerry Awful to talk about their literal hopes and dreams. www.patreon.com/BadBoardie

#119 Game On! Suckerberg’s Millions

Brian feels bad that he sold his soul to the Patreon Devil and gives his favorite one away for free.

Grab the video version and 100+ more videos for $1 at www.patreon.com/badboardie

#118 Two Hippies In A Helicopter

Brian and indy wrestling superstar David Morton get high for three straight hours and tell their entire life stories. Keep Out Of Reach Of Children!

#114 Your Daughter Sucks D

Brian recaps an insane weekend and sits down with J Roddy Walston & The Business stick master Steve Colmus for a chat about the Baltimore Ravens.

#112 Lights Out

Brian heads back to wrestling school and knocks himself silly.

#110 Tell ‘Em Maxwell

Brian sits down with Comic Book Men stars Bryan Johnson and Walt Flanagan for a chat about pro wrestling.

#109 Bumping Brian’s Bruises

Brian shows off his bruises, hits Baltimore for a J Roddy show and gets prepared for a trip to the land of flip top heads.

#108 Gator Shoes

Brian goes to wrestling school, forgets to tell the story of Gator Shoes and takes Kevin to a Koo Koo Kangaroo show.

#107 Take It As It Comes

Brian retakes his college Math placement test, lands a wrestling school tryout and spoils the Are You Afraid Of The Dark reboot.

#106 Buffering

Brian hits rate my professors and then reviews WWE’s tremendously trash weekend.

#105 The College Years

Brian send Maxwell’s House out LIVE on YouTube for the first time ever to reveal the scores oh his college placement test and talk about the future of Bad Boardie. Spoilers ahead for Preacher, Creepshow, AHS 1984 and Crawl.

#104 The Blairfoot Project

Brian is joined in studio by Craig from Friendly Monsters Toys and the Half Assed Horrorcast to chat about found footage horror films.

#103 Brick By Brick

Brian hits the road for a motivational chat with Ricky “Brickster” Perillo. Get 20 FREE days of independentwrestling.tv with promo code BRICKSTER

#099 Mister Fahrenheit

Brian burns through cash at 200 degrees. Please subscribe at youtube.com/BrianMaxwell

#098 Friendly Monsters

Craig from Friendly Monsters Toys is in studio for a chat about the Horror movie genre, the theater experience and Craig’s love for vintage toys. https://www.etsy.com/shop/FriendlyMonstersToys

#096 King Of Wrong Style

Brian and Dave talk video games before diving into Twitter questions about the haps on the graps.

#095 Why You Farm Bro

Brian and Mike are back with Mortal Kombat 11 talk, a SPOILER FREE rundown on SHAZAM! and Avengers: End Game before going down a dark path Back To The Future.

Listen to Brian on Fascination Street: https://fascinationstreetpod.com/2019/02/brian-maxwell/

#094 13 Reasons Why Not

Brian reads Happy Birthday wishes to Mike from strangers and then they spoil the s**t out of Captain Marvel.

#093 Encyclopedia Brian by Conan Doyle

Dave is back in studio when his internet goes down for a long chat about Brian’s love of books, video store setups, allegedly stealing CDs, LOTS of wrestling, gambling in video games, free speech on the internet and on and on and on.

#092 Not Episode 100

This would be episode 100 was recorded on location at A Shared Universe Podcast Studio in New Jersey. Brian goes on a journey down memory lane with Comic Book Men alum Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic as his older brother sits quietly.

#091 Fat Boy

Brian and Dave celebrate Rumpadon by heading out on a three to five day My Girl journey to find out what is America exactly while Mike and Keith review their Christmas gifts.

#088 Flip Gordon Let Me Down

Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl. Brian did not. Peyton Manning stayed retired. Brian did not. Welcome to the return of The Peyton Manning of Podding!

#081 The Battle Of The Sumbitches

Brian reads a blog post by Billy Dead (Angela Lese), interviews Billy Dead, and then there is another hour or so of blah blah that would have been better with Billy Dead.

#075 Quaka Oohts

Allan stops by for a wrestling chat and J Sarge pops in for a new 12 week game series.

#060 MVP of the VIP

Bad Boardie has its first official sponsor! Use code MAXWELL for free shipping. www.docstanleysbeardcare.com

#035 Dreaditt

Yes, I am aware this is only 15 minutes long. Deal with it.

#023 I Sh-t My Maxwells

I hate to shatter your ego, Kardashian, but this is not the first time I’ve had a gun pointed at me. Be cool, Honey Bunny.

#014 Maxwell Family Values

Tales of KKK camp recruitment, John Grisham’s less than stellar beverage options, trailer park livin’ and near death experiences.

#008 Mollywhopped

I’ve been waiting… I’ve been thinking about you too… OOOOHHHHHH

#006 Everybody Breathes

Heaping scoops, typical normies, and A Million Ways To tell critics to suck a bag of dicks. Gofobo if you don’t know. PSA: Shit get really heavy at the 22 minute mark.

#004 Beanie Baby Bubble

Half a thought trails into another half a thought for half an hour or so and you gotta Google the kid from Ole Miss that I failed to elaborate on whatsoever.

#001 Penis Envy

Beach, Penis, Weight Loss, Turn Signal… Welcome back to Maxwell’s House!